Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happiness in Stitches!

Good morning old  friends and new!!  Today is my day for the Splendid Sampler .  When Pat and Jane invited me to design an applique block for their project I was so excited.  There are so many wonderful designers participating and I'm grateful for the opportunity to join them!

banner_fin v4
Back in November I received my roll of fabric from Moda.  I also got a wonderful box of coordinating threads from Aurifil to use with my block. 

Splendid Sampler Block Fabrics
Here's what I came up with!    Vintage Flower Basket is   inspired by old heat transfer embroidery designs.  Growing up we embroidered pillow cases  and tea towels for Christmas gifts and I  love those old patterns.  

Splendid Sampler

Splendid Sampler

Although it looks like a complicated block, it really isn't.  I chose rick rack instead of a bias handle, I think it adds a bit of whimsy and it's a lot  easier. I like to use just a couple of drops of glue to baste it in place until I stitch it down, which I do with matching thread and a straight stitch. You can trace your pieces onto fusible web, fuse onto the wrong side of your fabrics and cut out. Use the third page of the pattern, which you can download from the Splendid Sampler website, to layout your block. Then just fuse in place, and stitch it down with a blanket stitch like I did or  whatever your preference is.  I'm NOT and applique genius, so I if I can do it, you can do it!  The Splendid Sampler project is a great one in that you can try new things in a no pressure way! 
For my own  Splendid Sampler quilt I looked around for some color inspiration and found this fun basket of cookies and thought they were perfect. 

Of course I'm always drawn to pinks, reds and greens with a bit of yellow. 


It was so fun to design this block.  I played around with it for a while before I came up with my final design.. hard to resist the urge to just cram a million tiny flowers on it. 

Splendid Sampler

Splendid Sampler

But I love how it turned out in the end.  I hope you  do too.  Thanks for inviting me Pat and Jane, and thanks to all of you who came by to read about my block!!!  Can't wait to see your Vintage Flower Baskets on Instagram and Facebook!  Tag me on IG (@pamkittymorning)  so I don't miss a block!

Monday, June 20, 2016


Good morning! Happy Monday!  Did you have a fun weekend? We had fun planting up a few pots of flowers and puttering around the house, having a nice lunch out.  Nothing too exciting really, but very nice. 

splendid sampler
This week's Splendid Sampler block by my friend Laura Flynn is adorable. You can read about her block here, she has some great tips about fabric selection and tips and  tools that are helpful. I had a lot of fun making it. 
Hope to start some fun new projects this week, and maybe get back to some neglected ones.  I'm a great procrastinator, and so I also have some pictures to take for upcoming things.  Not long now! 
Thanks for all the nice comments and emails about my Farm Girl Vintage cake. I sure had fun making it, and fun seeing all the cute cakes everyone made.
Do you have plans for the week? It's heating up here, so perfect time to get some sewing done.  Have fun!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happy Anniversary Farm Girl Vintage!

Hard to believe that today is Lori Holt's  book Farm Girl Vintage  1 year anniversary! Lori's at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop celebrating with another Farm Girl Vintage quilt retreat, and you can see a cute picture of Lori here.

Happy Birthday Farm Girl Vintage
In typical Lori style, she's celebrating with this cute new cake pattern!  You can hop over to the Jolly Jabber today and pick up the pdf. 

Happy Birthday Farm Girl Vintage

I was inspired by all the cakes from the Quilty Fun birthday celebration and made a cute Sunrise Studio strawberry cake with chocolate frosting!
Happy Birthday Farm Girl Vintage

I couldn't resist a Fire King Green cake stand! I added a border to my block and made it a mini quilt.  Crosshatch quilting always makes me happy. 
Check out all the fun people blog hopping along with Lori and the Fat Quarter Shop today!

Kerry from Very Kerry Berry
Vickie from Spun Sugar Quilts
Erin from Why Not Sew?
Kelly from Kelbysews
Renee from Sewn with Grace
Sinta from Pink Pin Cushion
Lisa from In the Boondocks
Dana from Old Red Barn Co.
Melissa from Happy Quilting
Kim from Persimon Dreams
Marni from Haberdashery Fun
Jacque from Lily Pad Quilting
Are you making a cake this weekend??? Hope you have a happy one! xo

Monday, June 13, 2016

Rodeo Weekend

Hi there cowboys and girls!  It was rodeo weekend  in Livermore this weekend.  Not that I went, when the temps almost top 100 I am totally a stay at home club girl.  But as you know it's one of my favorite times of year to see all those crazy cowboys around town advertising the rodeo.  You can see a different selection of them here. Once I saw them for sale at the feed store.. why oh why didn't I buy my own? 

Livermore Cowboys

Livermore Cowboys

And what is this guy doing at the grocers when he used to live around the corner? 

Livermore Cowboys

Livermore Cowboys

Livermore Cowboys

Livermore Cowboys

Livermore Cowboys

Livermore Cowboys
And why are so many of them outside of local bars?
All mysteries that will remain unsolved for another year. Have a good week friends!

Friday, June 10, 2016


Hello friends!  My phone tells me it's Friday, I hardly believe it but it must be true.  Weather wise the week  has been so lovely, temps in the 70s, cool breezes, afternoons on the swing.  If only all the summer days could be so delightful. 

Looks like we'll have another week of mild temperatures. Perfect. It makes for better sewing weather for sure. Have you picked up the latest American Patchwork and Quilting?  Wow there are some wonderful projects in there, particularly Just Rosie by Laurie Simpson and Great Scott by Lisa Debee Schiller.   Perfect afternoon browsing material.  
Hope you all have a  great weekend! xo

Monday, June 06, 2016


Morning friends!  How was your weekend?  It was a scorcher here, but I stayed inside mostly so no big deal.  Did you do something fun?  I sewed a bit, got a couple of projects completed and some pretty close to completion so I feel pretty happy about that. 

They're very fun, and I look forward to sharing them with you.  You might catch some sneak peeks on instagram .. I can't help myself sometimes. You know how it is.  I enjoyed some early morning coffee on the porch, you have to get up pretty early though to enjoy the cool weather. 
That's about it here.  Not too exciting.. sorry.  What did you do?  Something fun? Tell me about it!  Have a good week! xo

Friday, June 03, 2016


Good morning my sweet friends!  I hope this week has been good to you!  With the holiday and the extra days off that Bret had, the week was super short and I'm barely catching my breath!   I 'm happy that I've managed to check some things off my list, phew! 

It's been pretty hot here in PamKittyVille, but luckily the mornings are nice and cool.  I'd gotten out of the habit of mornings on the swing, but I'm trying to spend some time out there appreciating the fresh cool air and soaking up some Vitamin D!  We're never going to have the lush green landscapes I am so fond of looking at on the internet, so I'm working on enjoying  what I can have.  Happy mediums right?

Splendid Sampler
The Splendid Sampler offered up a lovely little block  by one of my all time favs Laurie Simpson.  Sweet and simple, this is the perfect block to work on your applique, machine or hand.  You know me, any time to blanket stitch is the perfect thing in my book! 
Ok my lovelies happy weekending! xo

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Good morning!  How was your long weekend? Bret took some extra days off to extend the time, which was fun.  We managed to do some stuff around here AND get out and about a bit.  And shocker, I even sewed some. 

Sneak Peek
All my sewing projects the past week or so are for the future, so I'll just give you a sneak peek at this little heart until I can reveal it. I have a few days of machine quilting ahead of me.. so there's a hint, small projects.  And no kidding, they're cute!  I mean how cute is this little heart!
I hope you had a fun and safe weekend.  It's already hot here and it's taking all I have to not break into a bunch of complaints.  Once it hits 100 degrees though all bets are off.  Summer and I are not friends. But after 10 years I guess you  know that.  The mornings are still nice and I have a new cushion on my swing so I'm all ready for coffee on the porch. 
So tell me, what did you do this past  weekend?

Friday, May 27, 2016


Friday..where did the time go?  I've just been puttering around the house doing a little of this and that with one exciting trip up to the grocers as the high point.  Exciting times people! 
I thought I'd finish out the week telling you about the sweetest thing ever.  I'm sure you all know Jodie, I've followed along with her on her blog forever and have had some crazy laughing good times with her at market.  She's smart and funny and oh so very talented.  You can find her on her blog here, and on instagram here.

Jodie Ric Rack
Anyway I knew she was on either the first or second row so I had to rush down to say hi before things got to crazy busy. That's the downside to market, the fleeting time spent with friends.  Thank goodness for the internet. 
She surprised me with this sweet P is for Pig and coordinating block ..  I love his little tilted head and articulated arms.  And those ears. Well it's P for Perfect! She also gave me a cute little packet of her line Bunny Trail!  If you haven't seen her wonderful stuffed animals be sure and check out them out here. I am so grateful for her generosity! I can't imagine taking the time to whip out a project as a gift during the quilt market frenzy period!

Jodie Ric Rac
I finally have a current block to show off for Splendid Sampler day!  This is Simple Surpises by Amy Ellis.  As you know I'm doing all the blocks that seem easy to me, and this pieced block was fast and fun.  So fun I actually made two of them! 
Splendid Sampler
I have sure enjoyed seeing everyone's blocks over on FAcebook and Instagram!  There are going to be some wonderful quilts when this is over!
Ok, we're having an extra long weekend!  Hope you have a safe Memorial Day! xo

Monday, May 23, 2016


Good morning.  No exclamation point today.  I'm back home.  Insert sad face here, I started feeling sick on Friday night and decided instead of infecting Nanette and her people, including those two cute kids, I'd just come back home. 

The drive home went fast.  Luckily not super sick, just a cold kind of thing.  Phew.  Today I feel like a truck ran over me. 
Market was fantastic as usual and I'm glad I got to see a lot of people.  Of course for everyone I saw I missed some more, so that was the downside of leaving early.  Its good we have the internet to keep our friends close.  I know I'd be lost without it. 
And just so you know.. I did get to drive in snow.. just a smidge once I hit Donner Pass.  That 'Carry Chains' flashing sign does get one's blood pumping, just ask Elizabeth.
Ok peeps have a good week.  xo

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Good morning!

Short and sweet this morning my friends!  Sucking up a cup and a half of coffee before I hit the road to Salt Lake City!  I'm thinking of all my favorite places along the road. Things to see, the places that I get gas, the landmarks.  It passes the time along with a good audio book!

Cute mug from Frankie with a sweet message.
I was thinking about snow, it's been so stinken hot here already, two days in the 90s and people the a/c already has clicked on once!! I sure don't appreciate that! I probably won't run into any, they don't' expect snow in the Sierras till tomorrow!  Just as well I suppose.
Ok, see you later gators! You guys are the best! xo

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

All the Colors

Good morning!  Its a quick week for me, Thursday morning I'll be off for Quilt Market in Salt Lake City.  I love every aspect of the trip, including the drive.  Its long for sure, but I have so many great memories of making that drive a couple of times  with Elizabeth and then later on my own.  And remember when we drove through snow both on the way to market then again I had snow on my trip to see Nanette.   Good times.

Just had to share my lovely  painting from Pam Garrison.  I have been following along with her on her artisitic journey since I found blogs and started my own, which  ten years now.   I just can't stop looking at it and I'm so happy to have it.  From the second I saw it on Instagram I had to have it.  You can see a better photo of it over on Instagram here.


Probably not the best way to show it off but Frankie brought me some flowers and the composition and colors reminded me of the painting.  Frankie's friend Amy who is a floristA created this arrangement. I love how cute the name is, with the capital A for Amy and her partner's name is Ann I believe, so both A's, both floristAs.  Clever I thought. 

Their arrangements are very eclectic, using a variety of flowers, many of them old fashioned like those white stocks.  Yum my house smells like my childhood. My father used to always bring my mother big bouquets of stocks and their spicy scent would fill the house.  Anyway lovely.  Everytime I walk past them I drink it all in.
Ok, I hope to get back here, I'm working on getting my stuff together.  After market I'm heading to Nanette's for a few days of visiting and sewing and sightseeing.  CANNOT WAIT.  Be sure and check on my Instagram account if you want to see what I'm up to! xo

Friday, May 13, 2016


Woohoo, Friday!  How was your week?  I got a bunch of small things crossed off my list, which feels so darn good.   I know so many of you are wonderful at keeping things in control and that's something I really envy.
I realized that I have forgotten to share my Spring in a Jar block for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Issue 13 with you.  This issue is now on newsstands!

Quiltmaker 100 blocks 13
I love simple applique shapes.  These are perfect to practice your machine blanket stitching. Of course you can straight stitch around the edge as well , which seems to be the popular finishing method. 

Quiltmaker 100 Blocks 13'
Popular or not, I love the blanket stitch.  I remember when I was looking at upgrading machines from my old used Singer my dad bought me in 1974, the main thing on my list was the blanket stitch. I've spent lots of hours stitching away and it's still my preferred method of applique.   I hope you like my block with the pieced background. 
Ok peoples.. hope you have a wonderful weekend!  xo

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Hi there!  What's new with you?  The days have rolled by without a lot to show for them here on the blog.  We had some rain, I went to the market, I ran some errands, I had an eye appointment.  Although I did actually instagram a photo of my eye doctor way back in the day, some how it's just not that exciting anymore.  What will be exciting, getting my new glasses. Then maybe all those times when I think my block is right on, it actually will be!

In the meantime, I have my stars stitched together.  It's really fun using the Sizzix die for this block, no cutting with templates or fancy rulers. They go together fast.  Well as fast as I do anything these days!  I have a few dies for applique shapes, this is my first die for  piecing.  Pretty fun.  
I really enjoyed Cheri's fun Scrapbasket Sew  Along, and it looks like starting June 10  there will be another one!  Here's the sneak peek of the designs.  Each month there will be an applique block and a pieced block.  You can join Cheri's group on Facebook here.   I really enjoy the group. 

It's a very positive group, I haven't seen anyone being unkind, as sometimes groups can get.  I know some of you are already in the group, are you making the quilt? 
Ok, that's it for today.  Hope you're having a good week!